Andy Wirth Looks To Move On From Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight

Handling the changing climate of the world is something many of us have become concerned with, but for those in the tourism industry the climate problems in the world are causing many different issues and plans on increasing income.

The Reno Gazette Journal reports Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, has recently looked to draw a line under the difficult fight he played an important part in regarding the proposed incorporation of the Olympic Valley area; Wirth fought against the proposed incorporation attempts by prominent business and community leaders in the area as he felt the plan was not financially viable.

Andy Wirth has recently been seeking to play an even more active role in the local community than he ever has before in a bid to make sure the Lake Tahoe region of California is as successful as ever before. As the head of Squaw Valley and its sister resort at Alpine Meadows Wirth is concerned with giving his guests and local community members the best possible experience of life in Olympic Valley.

Powder explains recent months have seen Wirth involved in negotiations to secure the rights to build and operate a gondola link between the two resorts. As the Chair of the Lake Tahoe International Airport Development Board Wirth is looking to use the skills he developed working at resorts across North America and the Caribbean to bring increased visitor numbers to the local area.

Olympic Valley is often seen as a good sign of how the entire ski resort industry is performing and has recently struggled with low snow levels caused by the changing climate.

The proposed incorportation of Olympic Valley was opposed by Wirth on the grounds the area would not be able to financially support itself if recent snow trends continued for extended periods of time. Read more:

Placer County officials have sided with Wirth and his supporters and rejected the plan to incorporate the area as vital services would have been severely reduced in the coming years; Andy Wirth has now called upon local officials and community members to work together and assist each other in becoming more successful than they have in the past.