Lovaganza-It is going to be Huge!!!

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The branding and planning of Lovaganza protocols are designed in two separate structures. One is for profit, which is known as the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The entertainment Franchise is geared towards providing worldwide entertainment for inspiration and bringing sensation to the spectators of the universe by discovering all cultures and nations on Earth. The other one is a different non-profit entity, Lovaganza Foundation, which aims at using the achievement and discernibility of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise on Instagram to provide positive influence whereas supporting global and regional creativities about the world. Its official opening is scheduled for 2018 to be compliant and well-prepared on every aspect in all areas.

Lovaganza 2020 is geared for its global celebrations that are expected to occur from May until September 2020 concurrently in eight prominent locations in the world. These celebrations will be showcasing all cultures on the globe using groundbreaking and overwhelming entertainment, including motion pictures, immersive attractions, live events and exhibitions all under one theme “embarking on a Bohemian journey around the globe”.

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The Lovaganza celebrations were initially scheduled for 2015 but were pushed to 2020 to make proper use of evolving new entertainment skills and integrate new innovative concepts. It will enable the realization of the experience of being absorbed in the diverse cultures of the world. With locations in Europe, America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, this four-month celebration will conclude in an extraordinary Hands across the globe ceremony.

The schedule before Lovaganza 2020 will include Traveling Show, which will hit the roads in 2017 and while promoting the 2020 celebrations. The task and goals involved, in addition to presenting a trial of Lovaganza’s film glasses-free 3D immersive experience around the world. To follow this event will be the release of three key motion portraits ramping up to 2020, this will be showcased in the Lovaganza traveling towers through the new glassless three-dimension technology, and also in standard 2D and 3D theaters. Initial footage for film series has begun shooting in various countries, which include France, the United States and Spain. They will resume shooting very soon in India, Africa and the remaining parts of the world.

Also, the film trilogy is going to be presented throughout the Lovaganza traveling scenes on pioneering Interscope screens, creating an incredible immersive cinematic experience reminiscent of the nostalgia, nevertheless exhibiting the leading-edge display technology of all time.

Sanjay Shah: A Philanthropist Entrepreneur

Sanjay Shah was put in a position to start his own bank. There were a lot of advantages that he has seen to working for himself that he couldn’t get when working for another company. For one thing, he has always been frustrated with the fact that he had to work for hours at an office that is far away from home. However, he was able to make enough money because he has worked for a bank. As a result, he had the ability to support his family and make contributions to charities that helped children that were poor or sick.

After he has left the banks that he has worked for, he has taken the opportunity to start Solo Capital. While anyone can attempt to start a business, it takes a lot to make it successful. For one thing, it takes a lot of motivation for one to actually get his business to succeed. Fortunately, Sanjay Shah Denmark was greatly motivated to run a successful business. His motivation was taking care of his family and being able to support other children that were disadvantaged. He has used this motivation to bring his company Solo Capital from one small location to various locations.

Sanjay Shah has eventually taken an interest in autism research since his son has been diagnosed. He has looked for ways to fund the research. Meanwhile, he has opted for the best treatment available for his son. Among the treatment is behavioral therapy. Meanwhile, Shah has been finding various ways to bring in more money so that he can support everyone in his life. Among these methods include hosting concerts. He has learned that he can run some very good events while spreading awareness about autism.

Sanjay Shah is someone who is always on the move for his family. He himself has faced a lot of obstacles in his life. However, his educationa nd his skills are very helpful towards pushing through to his goals. He is also a very good father who teaches the children the value of hard work and generosity. Sanjay will continue to find new ventures to use in support of his family.


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Talk Fusion on Point to Become the Leading Global Provider of Video Communication Content

Talk Fusion is a fast-growing video communication provider that services over 140 countries. It has grown from a small startup to become the 7th biggest video communications provider globally. The company offers top quality video communication products that are fast, reliable and efficient. It prides itself as an unmatched content provider with groundbreaking video marketing tools and products.

Founder Bob Reina

Talk fusion was founded by former policeman turned video marketer Bob Reina. Reina had a vision of sending video content via email to his friends but he was told that the technology at the time could not support it. Therefore, he enlisted the help of a friend with an extensive background in IT. Together, they were able to develop a software that enabled the embedding and sending of video content via email.

Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 with video email services as its main selling point. Thanks to Reina’s marketing skills, the company grew exponentially and attracted new investment. It also expanded its products range. Bob Reina holds a criminology degree from the University of South Florida. Today, he serves as the CEO of Talk Fusion.

Products Offered by Talk Fusion

Video email: Allows businesses and marketers to embed custom-made videos into their email messages. This feature has over 1000 templates and is offered in multiple languages. It is fast and sends clear video content.

Video chat: Allows consumers to chat via PC, Mac, tablets, cell-phones and other devices. Devices that support this feature must be fitted with a camera, and support internet connection. Video chat enables real time communication. It has received widespread reception in top markets like Switzerland, Japan and Indonesia.

Video Newsletter: Marketers are able to engage target markets with important news, information, and interesting content. This is a unique, fast and smart method of communication.

Live meetings: This product allows users to host and broadcast video conferences from anywhere in the world provided they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Community Blog: This product allows Talk Fusion’s clients to create a platform for sharing and voicing their opinions on any issue. They can also share videos and personal messages.

Hire Someone For Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is important. It’s one of the best things that you can do for your business. If you have a solid online reputation management program, you’ll be able to fluently promote your business with ease.

When trolls attack it’s extremely difficult to keep a straight face and maintain your business reputation but it’s extremely important too. Here are a few ways you can manage your online reputation:

• Put a positive image first. If you can put a positive image before anyone leaves bad reviews this will help. Always consider on how you Brand Yourself.

• Respond to all reviews online – even if you’re negative. If you believe someone never actually did business with you but left a bad online review, there are polite ways to say so in a reply. That being said, never engage with trolls; see what you can do to get a troll’s negative feedback removed.

• Push down your negative content. Make sure it’s not seen on the first page. Many people refuse to go to the second page of Google and consider anything on page two or more unreliable.

• Don’t go at this alone. Invest in your high-ranking officials; make sure their name stays out of the news in a negative light. This will immensely help your business model and help you succeed.

• Hire someone to manage your social media accounts and monitor what people are saying about your business. This is an absolute must. It is a benefit if they can promote your brand as well.

Additionally, one way to hire someone is to hire a cleaning service that can help push down bad press and clean up your search results. This is a great way to manage bad press. You’ll be able to easily and efficiently manage negative campaigns this way.

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Duda Melzer, nephew of the previous president of Grupo RBS, grew up with the company and believes in its mission and it’s people. As a young boy he dreamed of running the company, and today he is able to fulfill that dream. Duda Meltzer has show that he is a capable manager, who focuses on the people and making good deals that will move the company forward.

Duda Melzer, born Eudardo Sirotsky Melzer and affectiontly known as Duda, began working at Groupo RBS very early on in his career. He joined the company in 2004 as a general manager for the domestic market, after graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School. He worked his way up the ranks of the company, learning the ins and outs of the business as he went, until he became Vice-President, and as of last July, President of the entire company.

Duda contributes his many successes to the fact that he believes that the people are just as important as the product and the bottom line. He also believes in making solid business decions that are great for the overall, longterm benefit of the company, and not just the immediate future. He is well respected by the employees at Groupo RBS and is revered for the great things that he has done.

One of the things that Duda Melzer has done to improve the company is to invest in small start ups. Through e.bricks ventures, Melzer and Groupo RBS have invested 300 million Brazilian Real in start up companies, some of which has already seen a return on its investment.

Investments like this show why the husband and father of three is such a valuable asset to Groupo RBS. He knows the ins and outs of the business and is able to pull through at the end of the day.

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