Don Ressler Understands That Men Love Fashion And Style Too

When it comes to men, the last thing one would think about is that men are fashion conscious as well. Women are traditionally the ones that are more into fashion than men. There are plenty of reasons for this. For one thing, men are taught to be more about function than appearances. There was also a stigma that men who took pride in their appearance had a certain type of mentality. Then there is the issue that plagued women’s active wear. Men’s fashion throughout all categories are for the most part limited. As a result, they could be seen as boring. Therefore, men are not as passionate about fashion as women are. However, Don Ressler is looking to change that.

Don Ressler has decided that men should not be left out of this exciting period of fashion. Therefore, Ressler and Goldenberg have decided to add a new men’s line of clothing as part of their expansion plan for Fabletics. Therefore, not only are people going to be able to shop for clothes in a physical store, men would also be able to find something for themselves. There will also be some unique items that men can try out in order to help them find their own unique style.

Don Ressler encourages men to find their own style and not be afraid to look unique among their peers. They will see that when they try their own style of clothing that there is a very small chance of ridicule. They will also find that they are happy with their clothing choices for various categories of clothing. The men’s line of Fabletics is likely to increase the interest of men in fashion. As a result, Don Ressler will also find shopping for clothing to be exciting.

With all of the expansions that are being made with JustFab, it is only a matter of time until the clothing retailer expands into malls. People will be able to enjoy Fabletics as one of the staples of shopping malls. Both men and women will be able to find some very unique styles that will put them in the mood for mingling with people. Source: