Don Ressler Often Responds to Issues With His Brands

Don Ressler functions as the CEO for more than one company that is underneath the TechStyle umbrella. He has done a lot for the companies and has even fielded questions about the companies when people are trying to bring things up that don’t really matter about the companies. There are many different ways that Don Ressler can work as the CEO and that has helped him to become better at everything the fashion industry has to offer. Since he has been working hard as the CEO, he has been able to show people that there are new options and that the companies are going to continue to do well.

The JustFab brand and the Fabletics brand have both changed their lines of clothes to make sure that they are size inclusive on This is important for people of size and to make sure that they are including everyone who may want to shop with the company. While this has been met with some pushback, there are many positive aspects that come with being a size inclusive company. By doing this, people are able to get exactly what they need no matter what size they are so that Fabletics and JustFab never have to worry about losing customers.

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Since Don Ressler is the CEO, he has responded to the problem questions that are coming from people who are unfamiliar with the goals of the brand. He wants people to know that the brand was initially intended to include everyone. While they have been in business for a few years, they are just now including larger sizes on Don Ressler says that this is not due to the fact that they were trying to keep larger people out of the clothes and shoes but, instead, that it was a logistics issue and he was trying to figure out how to include those sizes.

Despite the fact that the brands are now size inclusive, Don Ressler is hoping to add even more sizes at He knows that not all people fit into the range of XS through 3XL and he hopes to add even more sizes for people in the future. This is one of the things that Fabletics is working on and something that they are hoping to roll out in the coming years. He is planning on making sure that things will work best for the company and that they will be able to show people that there are different options available.

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