In the Spotlight: Anthony Petrello

When it comes to making money, Anthony Petrello makes it look easy. With a prominent background from Ivy League schools, such as Harvard and Yale, it could be guessed that his success predetermined, but none of his friends thought that it would excel to this extent. With a B.S. and M.S. in mathematics from Yale University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, Anthony Petrello found his first endeavor into the business world at Baker & McKenzie law firm, where his primary practice was to keep corporations in check within the jurisdiction of taxation, arbitration and general corporate law from 1979 to 1986. From 1986, he acted Managing Partner of the firm’s New York location until stepping down in 1991 to pursue other challenges.

It was at this time that Petrello was chosen to become part of the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board, as well as serving as President and Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chairman since 2003, Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board since 2012. Even with the multitude of his responsibilities, Petrello instills strategic planning velocity that bestows Nabors the ability to adapt and prosper in their highly competitive field.

In recent years, Petrello has still made quite a lucrative amount of capital that makes him a contender for the list of the 50 top-paid CEO’s that is calculated by AP and Equilar. In 2013, he actually the number one position on this list, but in the following year, he received a substantial amount of flak from shareholders which essentially prevented Anthony Petrello from obtaining the title once more due to his action of establishing a portion of the company in Bermuda to alleviate the budget from the federal tax bill. This controversial decision was a financial boon to the shares of the company by raising them by 180% since 2011, but shareholders still did what was in their power to withhold excessive compensation to Petrello.

Even so, his approximate accumulation for 2015 was $27,512,939, which he obtained through a diverse portfolio of income.

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