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Based on the amount of newspapers, publishers, stations, and TV networks within the country, Mexico’s considered the media power center for Spanish-speaking Latin America. Its mainstream newspapers and periodicals range from political ideology and independence to the official government newspaper, known as El Nacional, to even the left-wing independent paper – El Proceso. Though the press was, for so many years, pro-establishment and supported the PRI, it diversified in the ’80s to reflect a wider opinion spectrum. In 1994, this government postponed its plans to sell El Nacional over to private owners yet declared that the paper wouldn’t receive public funding anymore.

The Mexican Constitution of 1917 explicitly guaranteed freedom of the press. Article 7 forbade prior censorship, and any amendments to Article 6 that were adopted in 1977 declared that all rights of information would be guaranteed each state. However, such guarantees are highly qualified in their practice. The Press Law of 1917, as an example of this, restricted the press on personal privacy, morality, and even public health matters. Other regulations governed the news media. 1960’s Law on Radio and Television forbade the broadcasting of materials deemed offensive to national heroes.

Though nominally independent, the Mexican news media is subject to many indirect economic and political government pressures. The Secretariat of Communications and Transport also supervises the news media and grants publishing and broadcasting licenses while ensuring strict adherence to all media laws. Successive PRI governments also influenced the news media in paying individual journalists for favored coverage, restricting access to print. The states monopolized the production of print though this control was reduced under President Salinas – through withholding information from crucial journalists – and especially in granting or withholding government advertising rights.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is quite privileged. Not everyone can stand in his shoes. Not anyone can claim his position.

He is both the Managing Director and the Executive Vice President of Grupo.

Televisa S.A. This company is the most prominent media company in the Spanish-speaking world. It has come a long way.

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