Jason Hope on the IOT and Men’s Gadgets

The Internet of Things (IOT) is truly transforming society as we know it. This technology platform simply connects everything together through the internet. IOT systems will allow people to use their appliances to access the internet and it will even provide guys with tennis shoes that can track their workout progress.

Jason Hope has been in the technology business for a very long time. He is a consultant for specific companies. Hope even has his own mobile communications company. The insight that Hope has for predicting future technology has served him well throughout his career. He makes it a point to learn about the current and new technologies that can be used to improve business operations.

Another thing that Hope foresees with the IOT is its implementation into various products for guys. That’s right, some commercial products that appeal to men have IOT technology built into them. This technology is available in gadgets such as smart ice cubes and home appliance systems.

Guys like to drink. When they do drink, they often get a buzz or even drunk. A smart ice-cube is a device that is inserted into their drink. When a person drinks past a certain limit the smart cube will send out a signal to inform a transportation company or their friends that they need a ride. This device will not alter the form of their drinks.

Home appliances including HVAC and security systems are other forms of technologies where IOT applications are making a difference. Many dudes already use this technology to turn on their heat, lights and even their televisions before they arrive home. Dudes can even have their pets outfitted with tracking technology that will allow them to keep tabs on their dogs if they stray away from home. Jason Hope is glad that some American companies are setting IOT technology inside of their products.

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