George Soros Extends His Hand of Philanthropy

12 years after spending over $ 27 million in the Democratic candidates with the aim of defeating President George W Bush, the billionaire investor, George Soros came back to political spending in 2016. Soros reemerged and became the leading funder of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic ticket. The entrepreneur committed over $25 million to Clinton’s and other Democratic candidates’ campaign. He lists among the wealthiest people in the world with a net worth of over $ 24.9 billion. Most of his wealth came from making risky currency trades. He fetched further into his pocket as the election neared with the aim of preventing Donald Trump from taking the presidency.

People close to the entrepreneur attributed his reemergence to his faith in Clinton’s candidature and the fear of Donald Trump. In several instances, Soros has accused Donald Trump of doing the work of ISIS. According to his political advisors, Soros was a frequent donor to the Democrats, but his strong reemergence signaled that the political stakes in the country were exceptionally high. However, the stakes went up even before the nomination of Donald Trump. The issues that Soros cared about were handled with so much hostility by the Republicans. Most of the issues under attack were the immigration reforms, criminal justice and religious tolerance.

Soros donations catalyzed donations from several wealthy people. It also contributed to more donors writing checks for the Democratic candidates. Additionally, Soros donated millions of dollars to groups supporting the Clinton priorities. By the end of June 2016, Soros had given $ 7 million to Super PAC, $ 2 million to American Bridge 21st Century and an additional $ 5 million to a super PAC devoted to the mobilization of Hispanic voters. Today, George Soros continues to champion human rights protection through several avenues. Visit to know more about George.

In 2015, financial records provided by The Washington Times had all the signs that Mr. Soros contributed to the Ferguson protest through years of funding made to groups in the States. As it might seem to be, Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson were not behind the protests but the billionaire George Soros. He donated at least $ 33 million to already established groups that were involved in the Ferguson protests. According to, George Soros was born in Hungary. With the help of his father, he evaded the German invasion. He later fled the country and put himself through school by doing odd jobs. Soros worked as a waiter and sometimes as a porter to make ends meet. Soros career took a decisive turn when he moved to New York. With the experience and capital he acquired at Wall Street, he established a hedge fund. Today, he is involved in several charitable activities that contribute to the growth of freedom. Besides his political giving, he empowers the marginalized communities and ensures their rights are respected.

Thor Halvorssen – One Of The World’s Most Influential Human Rights Activists

Thor Halvorssen is a highly reputed and credible human rights activist and has made immense contributions in the field of civil liberties, public interest, pro-democracy advocacy, public policy, and more. Due to his enormous contributions in the field of human rights, he has featured in many major media publications online and offline, including Forbes and The New York Times.The New York Times even addressed him as the champion who supports, speaks and stands by the weak, the powerless and the underdog. The best part about Thor Halvorssen is that he is neutral politically when it comes to human rights advocacy, and irrespective of it is right-wing regime or the left-wing, if there are any human rights violations, he would speak out, protest and take action regardless.

Thor is the founder of the major human rights activists gathering, named Oslo Freedom Forum. He also serves the Human Rights Foundation as its President. Thor Halvorssen is also involved with other human rights watchdogs, such as Children’s Peace Movement and On Own Feet. As a film producer, he is presently working on the remaking of Robert Heinlein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress in collaboration with renowned Bryan Singer.

Thor is also the founder of Moving Picture Institute. Thor was an executive producer of Indoctrinate U, co-produced Freedom’s Fury and produced The Sugar Babies. He loves the medium of films as the delivery platform for sending a message to the society in a very far-reaching manner and believes meaningful cinema has a lot of impact on the community.