An exiciting app that is helping to change classrooms across the world.

Software to help better manage your child’s education.


All parents care about the education of their children. The challenges of managing a house, working every day, and the difficulties of parenting make it difficult to keep up with a child’s education. Luckily, there is a way to contribute to making it easier for parents and teachers to connect and allow parents to keep a closer eye on their children. Through a state of the art software named Classdojo parents, teachers, and students can connect and share what they are doing more easily.  Visit 


How Classdojo works.


Classdojo is simple to use you can install an app for it on your Android or iPhone. From there you can send private messages to teachers, and view achievements your child has made in class. The private messages are only viewable by teachers not by other parents, and it has a feature built-in to tell you if your message has been read. You can also see photos and videos of the classroom activities your child that your child or child’s teacher has posted.  Source:


The advantages for you of using Classdojo.


It is obviously beneficial to be able to communicate with your child’s teachers more quickly. You will no longer have to schedule time off from work, create an appointment with the teacher, and drive all the way down to the school. You can just open your phone install the application and then send a message to your child’s teacher. Teachers can also use the app to give feedback to the child about how they are doing and give them digital rewards like digital trophies and ribbons to help encourage their learning.

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