Jose AuriemoNeto Enables JHSF To Have A Competitive Edge in the Brazilian Real Estate Industry

JHSF is a renowned Brazilian company that specializes in residential and commercial acquisitions. Over the years, it the company has become a reputable brand in the competitive real estate industry in the country. Their ability to identify new opportunities has propelled their success in the market. The company’s growth is driven by its strong team of leadership, which is led by Jose AuriemoNeto, who serves as the chairman and CEO. Established in 1972, JHSF has an impressive record of delivering sustainable solutions in the development and management of upscale hotels, shopping centers, and international executive airport. The company, which operates in Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador, has been the recipient of numerous recognition and awards. JHSF holds the 2012 PINI award under the Planned Daring category. They were also named the Best Company in Brazil by EpocaNegocios in 2012. In 2014, they were named as PINI’s Best Developer in Brazil and more information click here.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto has been responsible for JHSF’s functions relating to office building, public developments and hotels. The executive is also in charge of the brand’s entire shopping and retail portfolio that includes CidadeJardim shopping mall in Sao Paulo, the Bela Vista in Salvador, as well as Metro Tucuruv and Ponta Negra mall in Manaus. Presently, JHSF is undertaking different developments in the Sao Paulo District, which is one of Brazil’s growing markets. Under Jose’s transformative leadership, the company has made numerous achievement, including making inroads in the retail markets. Notably, Jose played an instrumental role in facilitating the exclusive partnership with Pucci, Jimmy Choo and Hermes that resulted in the opening of CidadeJadrim shopping center, JHSF’s first luxury retail outlet and JHSF’s lacrosse camp.

Jose AuriemoNeto also led the partnership with Valentino in the construction of the first outlet of Valentino and R.E.D Valentino brand in Brazil in 2012. After graduating from the Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University, Sao Paulo, in 1993, Jose AuriemoNeto joined JHSF Group. In 1997, Mr. Neto oversaw the establishment of the group’s parking lot management company, Parkbem, by the services department. The services department achieved remarkable success, which helped JHSF to attain the rights to develop the company’s first shopping center, Shopping Santa Cruz. Over the years, Jose has worked hard to ensure that all their retail brands are successful. To this end, CidadeJardim won the Best Environmental Seal of Aqua Award in 2012. In 2014, Catarina Fashion Outlet was recognized by the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers and learn more about JHSF.


Mike Baur and His Ambition to Transform Swiss Startup Factory into a Successful International Venture

Mike Baur rose to prominence after he founded a critically acclaimed business incubation center known as the Swiss Startup Factory. As a successful businessperson and entrepreneur, he currently holds the managing partner position at the company.


Career Highlights


Since he commenced his profession in the highly-competitive banking sector, Baur has been driven by dedication, discipline and hard work. He spent more than two decades in the industry as a banking specialist for top notch companies such as UBS and Clariden Leu.


The Inception of Swiss Startup Factory


One of the most interesting facts about Mike Baur is his passion for trying new things. He decided to retire from the banking world to pursue individual investments. The year 2014 was important for him since he launched Swiss Startup Factory in the association of founders, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer.


Baur was part of a jury that selected winners during a startup pitching competition called START Summiteer, which took place at the St. Gallen University. In 2016, the Swiss Startup Factory made a bold move by forming an alliance with CTI Invest. Amidst the announcement of the alliance, Baur was lucky to be named as CTI’s managing director. Besides the CTI partnership, Baur is celebrated for leading SSF through an accelerator program, which was orchestrated by SSF and Goldback Group. He also fostered SSF’s alliance with Fintech Fusion, a renowned tech company.


Swiss Startup Factory’s Leadership Team


Besides Mike Baur’s involvement, the Swiss Startup Factory attributes most of its financial success to several individuals who work for the company. Baur is one of the co-founders and executive chair of SSF. He works alongside other co-founders such as Max Meister, SSF’s CEO and Oliver Walzer, SSF’s CIO.


The trio is also helped by other executives to achieve SSF’s vision to create business ventures that would healthily compete in the global marketplace. Jean-Pierre Viulleumier is the firm’s head of pitch training and head of training. Jean-Pierre works alongside Chris Bargholz, SSF’s business analyst, and Mexx, the head of security.


About the Swiss Startup Factory


From its service charter, it is clear that the Swiss Startup Factory was established with a vision to help entrepreneurs excel in creating enterprises. SSF helps them come up with enterprises that are different from the current business models, norms, and models.


At SSF, registered entrepreneurs are taken through an incubation program that takes only three months. Amidst the incubation period, they get to access financial resources, mentoring and coaching. These aspiring business owners are also provided convenient office spaces and meet with successful investors and entrepreneurs. This support is geared towards helping them transform their business ideas into reality.

Rocklage Top MA Psychoterapist

Patty Rocklage in one of the top psychotherapist in the greater metropolitan Boston area. Psychotherapy uses communication between the therapist and patient focusing on building a trusting relationship between the two. Psychotherapists understand and focus what and how you say things, comprehending the problem, issues and emotions through the patient’s communication. They will use this to assist the patient in seeing why the individual is experiencing the feelings and actions that are occurring in their life. Once they are acknowledged and identified, they can understand why it is happening, address it and change it for the future. It is through this therapy how she has assisted hundreds of Massachusetts’s families and has been very successful for over 20 years and more information click here.

Patty Rocklage’s style is warm, compassionate and professional. She specializes in marriage and family counseling where all sides feel they can open up with their most innermost thoughts and feelings to her. Patty is very sensitive and is able to connect to all parties involved no matter how adversely they may be. She addresses their problems compassionately, allowing the families to overcome their struggles by establishing a strong base and foundation to build from. She has assisted hundreds of Massachusetts’s families over the years and her Website.

In addition to helping people through psychotherapy, her husband, Dr Scott Rocklage and her like to give back to their community. Recently they gave a substantial gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where Dr Rocklage is a 1982 graduate from. Patty also volunteers in helping Sudan refugees in finding jobs and establishing themselves in the United States.

More visit:

Eric Pulier: The Timeless Computer Entrepreneur

As the computer world evolves into more cloud systems and mobile technology one man can take pride in being a pioneer of the endeavor. That man is Eric Pulier, a board member of XPrize. XPrize is an entity that encourages young minds to use their skills in programming, robotics and general science knowledge to explore and find solutions to major challenges. Pulier has contributed a lot to the IT industry over his career in cloud computing and specifically service-oriented software for enterprise platforms. He also loves working with young people because he himself loved to explore computers as a young man.


Eric Pulier actually started programming before he reached middle school and helped design systems in high school. He was a top student that earned a scholarship to Harvard where he majored in both American and English literature and also became editor-in-chief for the Harvard Crimson paper. He also pursued his computer interests at MIT in his spare time. After graduating magna cum laude, Pulier began his IT career working with several IT corporations out in Los Angeles. He also worked with an activist group named People Doing Things.


Pulier’s first foray into enterprise software began when he founded Digital Evolution in 1994, a company that was later acquired by US Interactive, LLC. Pulier next founded Media Platform, a digital media service program and one of the forerunners to virtual machines. His first virtual desktop was Desktone, now owned by VMware, and he also founded a high-tech enterprise cloud system named ServiceMesh that was added to the Computer Sciences Corporation’s product suite. Pulier was named in VAR Business’s Top 30 E-Visionaries in 1998 and later became a member of TM Forum’s Cloud Enterprise Leadership Council.


Pulier worked with the government in the 1990s in various agency IT departments, and also was an aide to the Clinton Global Initiative. He worked closely with then President Clinton’s staff and was selected by the Inauguration Committee in 1997 to run the Presidential Technology Exhibition. He also worked with Vice President Al Gore’s healthcare forum. Pulier’s philanthropy includes helping run Starbright World in 1998 and serving on the Board of Directors at the Painted Turtle camp.


Stephen Rotella; Experienced and Successful

Stephen Rotella is the President of StoneCastle Partners. He is based in New York. He attended Stony Brook University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Stephen Rotella joined the University of Albany in 1976 where he pursued a Master’s in Business Administration. Stephen started his career at Accenture as a senior consultant after finishing school. Stephen left to join The Reserve Group where he acted as the vice president of product development after working here for two years. Stephen worked at the company for four years until he moved to Shearson Lehman in 1984. He served as a vice president at the New York-based company and learn more about Stephen.

Rotella got his big break when he was appointed the chief executive officer of Chase Home Finance at J.P Morgan in 1987. Stephen also served as a member of the executive committee of the board for a time. He went on to retain the role for 18 years until he left in 2005. Rotella joined WaMu as the CEO and President. He worked at the company for four years until 2008. Rotella was appointed the chief executive officer of StoneCastle Cash Management three years after leaving WaMu. Rotella was appointed the President of StoneCastle Partners in 2014. He joined the company when it was starting out. He is responsible for expanding the number of products that the enterprise offers and read full article.

StoneCastle is recognized as one of the top cash management solutions providers for banks all over the country today. Rotella is credited for growing the company’s assets to more than ten billion dollars. He is a supporter of different foundations and organizations that seek to improve the community. Stephen has served as a board member of Youth Care Seattle, ArtsFund, the Seattle Foundation, and the Papermill. Rotella has been the chairman of the board of LIFT, Inc. since 2012. He was appointed a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors two years ago. Rotella was interviewed by Ideamensch a few months ago. He gave a few tips to entrepreneurs and leaders. He said that the one thing that had helped him to grow his company was focusing on the needs of the customer and Stephen on facebook.

The Process of Equities First UK

Equities First UK is based in the United Kingdom and is a branch of Equities First Holdings. Equities First Holdings works internationally and has nine global offices including offices in the United States of America, China, Australia and so on.

Equities First UK specializes in finding new alternative ways to lend resources to businesses and high net worth individuals who are looking for non-purpose capital. Equities First UK has been in operation for more than 15 years and has completed more than 700 transactions. The company is capable of operating on a deal – by – deal basis. The goal of Equities First UK is to enable their clients to have safe and efficient access to straightforward transactions that can also be tailors to the customer’s needs.

Equities First UK operating process includes five steps. Their loan process has been created to be transparent, secure and straightforward. The first step is to of course get in contact with Equities First UK and to deliver information on how much funding you need and what collateral you propose. Step two is the process of valuation. Equities First UK will have their highly skilled team determine the loan terms and calculate a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio as well as a fixed interest rate. Next, comes the stage of agreement and transfer. If the client is satisfied, they have to sign the Equities First Holdings Agreement. The customer also has to transfer the collateral to an Equities First custodian account. Step four of the process is the funding. Because of the method they use, Equities First UK will transfer the collateral and loan proceeds into holding accounts simultaneously. The last and fifth step of the process is the return of the collateral. After the funding, the period is over, and once the principal funding has been paid back, the client gets their collateral returned. for more.


Can Evolution of Smooth Sustain It’s Success?

Have you ever heard of the brand “Evolution of Smooth?” Just know that this is the hottest brand on the market when it comes to oral care products. Evolution of Smooth is the king of 21st Century lip balms hands down and it’s basically just getting started. The brand has only been around since it’s birth back in 2009 and today it has grown into a $250 Million business. Other top contenders like Chapstick and Burt’s Bess are still pulling good numbers, but they’re not even close to EOS lip balm and this is why.

Chapstick, and Burt’s Bees are quality products, but you’ll have to take the good with the bad and there certainly is some bad mixed in. Both will provide immediate relief from tired, dry, and sore lips. The long term issues are what’s killing them softly in a sense. These products are full of parabens, chemicals, and other contaminates. These dangerous additives will cause problems down the line and there is no ifs, ands, or but’s about it. On the other hand, Evolution of Smooth is loaded with mother natures very own herbal creations such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and a wide range of vitamins. Being paraben-free as well as gluten-free sweetens the deal even more. Unlike the contenders, EOS comes in many fruity flavors such as strawberry sorbet, blue berry acai, medicated tangerine, blackberry nectar, passion fruit, and numerous others.

This eclectic mix of lip balm orbs are found at many of the most popular retailers like Target as well and many of it’s customers are Hollywood celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Adding in a huge social media presence on Facebook and other sites and you have a hit for sure. Evolution of Smooth is changing the game, setting new standards, and they are changing the status quo.


Reasons to Visit Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

As summer approaches, many families will be planning to go on a vacation. If you are considering an international trip, why not consider Brazil. This is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. From the outrageous beaches, parks and sceneries to their cuisines and cultural exhibitions, there is just so much that you and your family can participate in when in the country. When in Brazil, put Paraiba state in the list of places to visit.

You don’t really have to visit that many places in Paraiba, at the Manaira Shopping Mall you can experience all that Paraiba is about. The Shopping Mall is located in downtown Joao Pessoa. This is the biggest mall in the city and also in the whole state. It is also among the leading malls in Brazil. The mall was opened in the year 1989 by Roberto Santiago. He is a known enthusiast of the Brazilian culture. And he uses his mall to illustrate everything that is Brazil.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is an epitome of entertainment. There are eleven cinema theatres where you can catch the latest movies. These theatres are no regular cinemas, they have VIP rooms which utilize 3D technology for maximum entertainment and fun. They also have an in-house bar that serves drinks and snacks to make your theatre experience even better.

If you are not interested in catching a movie, you can always take your family to the amusement park. The 1800sq. meters entertainment room has all you need to put your family in a playing mode. From playing stations and over 200 gaming machines. After you have tired out, you can always go the gourmet area and unwind. Order a cuisine that you have never tasted before and end the day by watching live concerts and cultural shows being held on the mall’s rooftop. Visit to read more.

About Roberto Santiago

The love for Brazil can be seen deep in Santiago. Every business he gets into shows his love for Brazil. Before he got into the business world, he used to be a writer. Most of his articles were about Brazil and its history. In his blog, you will find things that you never knew about the country. He also works in the creative industry, directing and producing art. Perhaps, the reason why his mall is such an entertainment scene.

Does George Soros Control The Media?

If it seems that all news sounds alike, it may be because it is coming from an organization funded by George Soros.

George Soros has given money to ProPublica that claims that they are an independent news organization involved in investigative journalism. This left-wing organization has given stories away to many leading news organizations. Herbert Sandler who was the CEO of Golden West Financial Corporation and World Savings Bank is on their board on Managing editor of the Wall Street Journal Paul Steiger is on their board along with Henry Louis Gates Jr. who is the director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Since this group does not accept advertising, they are free to publish as they please.

ProPublica’s Investigative Board
The team of journalists at ProPublica on work under the leadership of an journalistic advisory board. Serving on the board are:

Former executive director of the New York Times Jill Abramson
Temple University School of Media and Communications dean David Boardman
Journalist Raymond T. Bonner
Historian Robert A. Caro
Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism at Columbia Journalism School’s director Sheila Coronel
Former publisher of the Wall Street Journal L. Gordon Crovitz
Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Government David Gergen
Director of the Media Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley Tom Goldstein
Univision news president Isaac Lee
Public editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Shawn McIntosh
Executive editor of Simon & Schuster Priscilla Painton
Executive editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette David Shribman
Editor at Fortune Magazine Allan Sloan
Editor at ABC News Kerry Smith
Columnist at Universal Press Syndicate Cynthia A. Tucker

This organization has been mainly responsible for publishing pieces on oil and gas companies, for-profit schools and the healthcare industry on Biography.

The Center for Investigative Reporting
The Center for Investigative Reporting is another example of an organization funded by George Soros who uses the media to promote their causes. Many journalist claim to be independent, but many wonder when the company that they work for is funded by a wealthy donor. Some of the top board members at the Center for Investigative Reporting include William R. Hearst III who has worked for the e San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner along with managing his family’s foundation. Former Google executive Peter Kim is also on the board. Vice President of ESPN Robert King also holds a position on the board.

George Soros may seem like a quiet individual. That may be an illusion because he lets others spread his message through the media outlets that he controls.

Finding a Financial Home at Equities First

Equities First is a global financial company that specializes in securities based lending for high net-worth individual and corporations. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm also has a branch office in New York City and has affiliates throughout the world. Equities First provides a unique way to provide non-purpose financing and that has resulted in over 700 transactions that not only provide their clients with a lower cost of capital but also provide better terms than any traditional financing alternative.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of Equities First is Al Christy, Jr. Among the other executives of the company are Senior Managing Director Jeff Smith, Chief Risk Officer Simon Moore, Director of Operations Julie LaPoint, and the Director of Trading Joe McCarthy. The management team has years of specialized experience and knowledge that they bring to every transaction which results in a mutually beneficial relationship between Equities First USA and its clients.

Equities First has been seeking to gain additional market share in providing alternative shareholder financial solutions and has developed new margin loans and stock-based loans in response to current market conditions, especially in the face of traditional banks tightening their loan requirements due to government regulations. Although many think of margin loans and stock-based loans as the same thing Al Christy Jr. has provided advice on how they’re different, as with margin loans a borrower must be pre-qualified, features a variable interest rate, and the borrower must have a specific purpose for the loan. A stock-based loan, however, will have a fixed interest rate and there are no restrictions on how the loan is used. An additional benefit of a stock-based loan is that the borrower can, if needed, walk away without any obligation to the lender even if the value of their stock has decreased.