Rona Borre Created the Blueprint For Success

Rona Borre never lets the dust settle under her feet, as she is a woman who is constantly in motion. Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, the Chicago staffing company that is one of the fastest staffing organizations in the United States. She and her expert account executives are very successful at hiring the right people for the needed jobs for their clients.  Related article on

Borre started her company in 2001 in the second bedroom of her condo in Chicago right after she left a high-paying job with a leading staffing company where she had been the sales leader. She went from just herself and her dog Henry to an office of 50 employees in six months, and from there, things got ramped up significantly.

Today, Instant Alliance is considered the place to go for the best key employees who will mean something special to a business. Two niche areas where Instant Alliance shines are the financial and technological categories as these folks are always in demand. If your company is in a growth stage, these are the people you need to have in-house to make it to the next level.

Recently in an interview, Borre was asked what it is that she brings to the table that makes her so successful, and she replied that she is never satisfied. She always is looking for the possibility that more could have been done. She wants to know every detail about everything, and if she doesn’t know, she asks questions until she finds out.  For the full interview, head over to

A specific tactic that Rona carries out that many staffing companies do not bother with is an in-depth relationship strategy with the top management of her client companies. She will spend extra time with them to find out as much as possible about the company. What do they want in the way of hires, how will they work, and what is the company culture in which they must work and thrive. If a new employee doesn’t fit the culture, it won’t work at all.  To learn more about Borre, follow her here.

The results speak for themselves as Instant Alliance only has a 1 percent attrition rate from the inception of the company to the present, an astounding statistic.

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