Why Beneful Dog Dood is the Best Choice for Pet Owners

When you are looking for a healthy alternative to all the pet foods on the market that compromise the wellness of your pet, Purina Beneful keeps rising to the top of the discussion. Look at how your dog responds when they see those huge chunks of farm-raised chicken in their bowl, Watch how fast they gobble up all those colorful, tasty, and healthy accents ranging from pumpkin, spinach, to blueberries.

Don’t take your dog’s actions as the only reason to consider Beneful dog food, look more closely at the ingredients. You are not going to find fillers like corn or wheat stuffed into this dog food, only wholesome ingredients that you dog will actually look forward to eating each day. Grain-free mean that there is more room in the Beneful dog food for the 23 essential vitamins and minerals that will allow your dog to grow healthy and strong.

Look a little closer at the US-based Purina facilities, and you see pet owners working to make sure each bag goes through numerous quality checks before it arrives on your grocer’s shelves. These employees see exactly what goes into each bag of Beneful wet dog food, and it is the only thing they feed their own pets.

Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a type of dog food that was created by Nestle Purina back in 2001. By 2012, it was ranked number four as the most popular dog food that owners feed their dogs. Its creation came from a desire to make a dog food that would be beneficial to a dog’s health. That’s where it got the name Beneful. The name means “full of goodness.” Here are some more facts about Beneful dog food.


The product had an ad campaign in Germany that attracted the dogs themselves as customers. The owners were pulled into the stores with their dogs passing by posters in the subways. They also played a high pitch noise on their commercials that only dogs could hear in an effort to accomplish the same goal. This ended up with a big game of catch being played in New York as well.


The product line offers dry food, wet food, snacks and even a line of food with soy products. Eight flavors are available for taste choice, and they even released a series of bags that could be used as bowls. The packaging concept won them awards.


Beneful is known for taking special care to ensure the nutrition of their dog food. It is based on including only ingredients that help match the individual needs of dogs. This has allowed dog parents to bond better and understand and meet, the needs of their dogs.

One of the things that Beneful has accomplished as well, as a side note, is to make people better aware of the needs of nutrition for their dogs. Over the years, there have been many misconceptions about the needs of a dog’s diet. This has helped connect those missing elements and help make dogs healthy.