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A long time ago, all that matter for a company was how many products it sold or the type of products it made. It did not matter what industry that it was in. In those days, if one made the most stylish and cherished forms of clothes, then that person was going to sell a lot. These days, the internet makes all kinds of information available for the user. Therefore, if a company is engaged in unethical practices, then it is going to be found out one way or another. This is why it is important for companies like Fabletics to make sure that everything is based on humane and ethical treatment.


With TechStyle, the objective was made to take the fashion industry and make a lot of major changes to it that would enhance the lives of its customers and the workers. As a matter of fact, TechStyle could be considered fashion with a higher purpose. The types of clothes that are presented to the customers are clothes that people could associate with the higher calling. Therefore, people could truly feel good about the clothing that they wear from any one of the brands of TechStyle. This is more than what could be said about Amazon which controls a large portion of the fashion industry.


Amazon takes a lot of its fashion products from other companies that may not be so ethical in the way they create their products. For one thing, they may deal with harsh working conditions for their workers. On top of that, the products that are supplied by the companies have very little if any imagination. These are some of the many advantages Fabletics and TechStyle have over Amazon. TechStyle makes sure that there is some kind of creativity put into the clothes that are offered.


One of the reasons that a good work environment is important for people is that it gives a lot more room for creativity. Great minds will have a better ability to thrive in a good workplace. This is where creativity and innovation will thrive at its best. TechStyle attempts to make sure that the environment allows for a lot of creativity. When people are having fun at their job, this could actually take their job a lot further. In the fashion industry, that means there are a lot of designs that push the boundaries and challenges the creativity of people.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company Brings Fitness and Fashion Together

Jeans used to be everything, and we all collected tons of pairs but not anymore. When leggings are outselling denim, you know the world has changed and is looking for something even greater.

That’s why actress Kate Hudson is bringing fitness and fashion together in her fabulous Fabletics clothing brand. The star co-founded the company to bring her casual chic design signature to the masses, and the world has responded. There are more than one million VIP Fabletics members around the globe with access to Kate Hudson’s gorgeous and trendy athleisure wear.

Fabletics is a unique online subscription retailer that takes the guesswork and frustration out of choosing great styles. The brand simplifies the concept brilliantly by offering its members personalized outfits chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. All you have to do to get started is take a quick quiz to see where your fashion choices lie. Then it’s off to find the latest in trends, colors and fabrics that spell out Kate Hudson’s famous athleisure style.

Fabletics keeps adding more great pieces to the brand, telling MarieClaire at that a new line of adorable, glam dresses have launched.

If you love Kate Hudson’s effortless, casual chic look, then get on board and join the Fabletics fashion community. Her new collection of dresses are stunning and feature comfort, function and affordability. Plus, you’re getting the Kate Hudson stamp of approval on each piece that hits the Fabletics shopping website. Kate wears her designs, because she lives the active, busy lifestyle, and she wants women everywhere to wear her gorgeous dresses 24/7.

These attractive pieces come in minis, maxis, some with built-in bras and others with cute cut-outs. You name it, Kate Hudson has designed it for you in beautiful fabrics with amazing stretch and comfort. Her geo patterns and floral designs are figure-flattering and get you noticed. See:

By signing up as a Fabletics VIP member, you get amazing perks and savings every time you shop. Your first outfit only costs $25 with free shipping, and there are so many to choose from. You’re on the go, and denim doesn’t cut it anymore. Athleisure wear is designed to move with your body, look great and not feature anything glitzy or embarrassing. Fabletics designs are simple, sweet and made with the latest trends in mind. You’ll be able to bend over and get out of a car with ease when wearing Kate Hudson’s athleisure wear.

Isn’t it time you joined the fab Fabletics community?