Why You Should Ditch Your Shampoo Too

As a beauty blogger it has been nearly impossible to avoid reading about the new trend sweeping across the beauty blogosphere, I’m talking about going no-poo. For those who are still unfamiliar with what it means to go no-poo, the latest beauty regimen refers to the decision to go shampoo free, instead opting for conditioners and cleansers specifically create to be used in the place of shampoo.

Besides saving money on WEN shampoo expenses, maybe you can get that yacht with everything you save, by ditching their shampoo women all around the world are saying no to the often harmful chemicals found in most shampoos. These chemicals, sulfates, and others similar in nature act as a stripping agent wicking away moisture from the hair and causing it to dry out from the inside out leading to a host of problems like frizzy unmanageable hair, breakage, split ends, and overall make your hair less healthy. Though by using a cleansing conditioner like Chaz Dean’s WEN by Chaz, you can put back moisture back into your hair and preserve the natural essential oils your hair needs to be healthy while gently cleansing your hair.

Going No-Poo with WEN By Chaz

When deciding to ditch your shampoo it is important you find a cleansing conditioner specifically create to be used in its place. Products like WEN by Chaz, which is the creation of celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, are perfect choices for cleansing conditioners as they especially formatted to nourish hair while conditioning and cleansing.