About Banking based in Dallas


NextBank Capital is a leading financial services provider in the United States of America. It was founded in 1922 and has earned reputation over the years. The Bank specializes in serving their client with Commercial Banking, Institutional Services, and Mortgage Banking. NexBank is based in Dallas Texas under the leadership of John Holt, the Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital Inc. Recently, Dallas-based NexBank SSB announced that it had acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton in New Jersey. The College Savings Bank specializes in college savings programs. NexBank SSB as part of NexBank Capital Inc offers diversified financial services to individuals and companies across the country.


In 2016 NexBank Capital, Inc raised $24 million common equity capital which was for general corporate purposes and ensured continuous growth and development of the bank. In the same year, the bank recorded a return on average equity of 37.6 % and net income of $38.1 million which is a great increase from the previous year. On March 2016 NexBank exhibited a very superior condition. The bank was characterized by high measures of asset quality, sustainable profitability, and ample liquidity and mid-range capitalization.

NexBank announced the completion of an oversubscribed private placement of the bank`s unsecured notes. It attributed to reopening their previous offering and raised an addition $80 million, making the issuance to be $155 million. The notes gain a fixed interest of 5.50% for five years.


As a reflection of NexBank excellent capital levels, earnings and liquidity profiles, the Bank received upgrade ratings from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. It also received an upgrade of the Bank unsecured debt rating and deposits from BBB to BBB+.

NexBank made a donation to the Assist Officer Foundation which is operated and managed by the Dallas Police Association. The donation was made to support and help the victims of the attack.


NexBank SSB is committed to providing financial and banking services and products to their level best. It offers other services such as mobile banking, savings account, treasury management, commercial checking accounts, commercial lending, mortgages, and personal checking accounts.