The Rave About WEN By Chaz Is True

Different conditioners have different effects on hair, and while some have nutrients and organic formulas for deep conditioning impact, others are cheaply manufactured and don’t do what they claim to do. But if you have hair that tends to dry easily or become greasy or frizzy, Wen might be a product you want to go to. Whether you’ve seen it on TV or not, the product has had its users raving that it provides thicker and fuller feeling hair. You might even want to go to to see what one user had to say about it.

An important feature about this product is that it uses no silicone or hair-damaging substances. Depending on the kind of hair you have, the product has instructions to follow about when to apply it and how much should be used. Its conditioner is probably most ideal to apply in morning showers, and you may want to use it before you use the shampoo, which also comes with the kit when you purchase it. WEN by Chaz sells this product primarily online via and it will ship to anywhere in the US, but you can also find it at select retailers. It comes in three different formulas and you can buy the basic kit which includes the conditioner, crème and mousse, but if you want the gloss and mist you can buy those in the deluxe kit.

WEN by Chaz was founded by Chaz Dean,, who had a knack for style and beauty. He originally was a photographer, but he decided to explore hairstyling and cosmetology, and in time he had come up with a unique hair conditioner brand. He became the owner of a salon where he served all kinds of clients, including some well-known celebrities and turned his product into a big success. He also is a lover of animals, especially dogs.

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