Dr. Imran Haque: Internal Medicine:

*Dr. Imran Haque: Skilled and Caring Internal Medicine Physician:


Dr Imran Haque is an Internal Medicine Physician located within the North Carolina area. Dr. Haque is affiliated with several well known hospitals including Kindred Hospital as well as Randolph Hospital.


Dr. Imran Haque has been in practice almost 20 years. In addition, Dr. Haque received his medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. Dr. Haque is well known as has an excellent reputation as an Internal Medicine Physician.


Kindred Hospital is an acute long term care facility located in Greensboro NC. The hospital is an 124 bed facility. Dr. Haque is one of six Internal Medicine Doctors on staff at Kindred Hospital. Kindred Hospital is known for their skilled Internal Medicine team of physicians.


Randolph Hospital is a general medicine as well as surgical hospital located Asheboro, NC. Dr. Imran Haque is one of twelve Internal Medicine Physicians on staff at Randolph Hospital.


Dr. Haque is known to be friendly and caring. In addition, Dr. Haque will run a series of tests until he is able to establish a firm diagnosis for each patient. Dr. Imran Haque is qualified to treat a variety of Internal disorders such as gastrointestinal, liver disease, immune disorders as well as blood deficiency disorders.


Dr. Haque has earned his reputation as a fine physician through years of devotion and hard work. In addition, Dr. Haque has an excellent reputation as far as following up with patients after initial treatment and/ or surgery.


*Excellent & Efficient Staff Members:


Dr. Haque has an exceptional staff that helps keep his practice running in a highly efficient manner. Staff members work closely with Dr. Haque with scheduling appointments, blood testing, referrals as well as contacting the pharmacy to order refills and pickups.


Dr. Haque accepts most insurance plans. Dr. Haque has a special department that handles insurance claims, billing and pre authorization issues.