From Chapstick to the Evolution of Smooth lips

EOS- the acronym of the company, Evolution of Smooth- has been in business for seven years and is the second largest seller of lip products behind Burt’s Bees. It started in Walgreens, then branched out to other mass retailers such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Beauty editors, celebrities and product testers all raved about the multi-flavored egg shaped lip balms, skyrocketing the product to massive use.

The founders of the company, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, started out wanting a product to shape up the beauty aisle and that could be revolutionary in the oral health section of the store. They used organic ingredients and an almost all automated production for making the lipbalms. (Dubitsky left EOS before it launched).They wanted something that would be a lasting and memorable product; competing with other products that had been around for a long period of time. Men were reluctant to change from their most used and widely known products and didn’t understand the new product. After doing some research, they found that even though chapstick was a unisex product, women used lip balm regularly in their beauty routine.

EOS lip balm product placement and use by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears’ music videos, as well as sponsoring Demi Lovato’s world tour and Taylor Swift being the Asian spokesperson for the product launched it into being the biggest advertiser in its category of products. This, including the use of social media and launching new flavors and collections of lip balms, has made this a company that now sells over a million lip balms a week.

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