EOS Lip Flavors – What’s best?

EOS Lip Balm is sweeping the nation and reaching out to their worldwide audiences across Germany and other countries. The Evolution of Smooth is changing the way we all see the world of lip balm because of the shape, designer, and overall quality delivered in their products. EOS Lip Balm is by far one of the most well respected brand names in this specific industry. With the different categories that are available, they have a wide range of products available in their marketplace. Wikipedia Reference:

Their Active Protection Smooth Spheres are by far the best to use because they are meant to help protect the lips. Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit are the two flavors from this specific category, and they are both very strong and powerful. With 15 and 30 SPF respectively, they both are beloved by the fans of EOS because of how well they help protect the lips and give it that strength to stay away from the UV rays. Visit homepage, frenchtribune.com.

If you want to use their traditional sphere shaped lip balms, thy are overflowing with a wide range of flavors to choose from. They have Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. These are very tasty and perfect for the lips. Visit EOS twitter.com page for more updates.