The Success Behind Cotemar Mexico

The Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company founded in the year 1979. At first, it started off by offering accommodation and catering services. The company grew fast and acquired their first specialized vessel that transported individuals and light materials and also provided maintenance services. In the year 2012, Cotemar collaborated with the COSCO. The two companies started a process of making semi-submarine specialized cranes and maintenance vessels for the transportation of solid and liquid materials. After four years, Cotemar launched two cranes that enabled them to connect the onshore upstream business.

The Cotemar Company operations are based on three fundamental values which are; satisfaction, dependency, and being trustworthy to their customers. These values enable the company to offer top quality services to their workers. Cotemar provides different services to the oil and gas industry in Mexico. It provides transportation of heavy materials upstream, accommodation services, maintenance of oil related machines and the processing of oil. The Cotemar Company also participates in basic operations like doing engineering, construction, and modernization.

The Cotemar Mexican Company encourages integral development to its employees and their families through industrial safety, education, sports, health, and events. The company does these to help family integration and belonging. The Cotemar group shares the business ethics that support transparency, and enable the creation and success of the enterprise. The industry also raises environmental awareness and care as a way of helping the company’s sustainable operations. The Cotemar ensures it creates more jobs opportunities and supports culture through social programs and institutions.

Working with the Cotemar Company provides employees with a healthy working environment to ensure there are no accidents that occur. They are well trained on safety and give their workers required skills for them to be responsible. The company also offers off days and continued learning of the employees when still at work.