Talk Fusion on Point to Become the Leading Global Provider of Video Communication Content

Talk Fusion is a fast-growing video communication provider that services over 140 countries. It has grown from a small startup to become the 7th biggest video communications provider globally. The company offers top quality video communication products that are fast, reliable and efficient. It prides itself as an unmatched content provider with groundbreaking video marketing tools and products.

Founder Bob Reina

Talk fusion was founded by former policeman turned video marketer Bob Reina. Reina had a vision of sending video content via email to his friends but he was told that the technology at the time could not support it. Therefore, he enlisted the help of a friend with an extensive background in IT. Together, they were able to develop a software that enabled the embedding and sending of video content via email.

Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 with video email services as its main selling point. Thanks to Reina’s marketing skills, the company grew exponentially and attracted new investment. It also expanded its products range. Bob Reina holds a criminology degree from the University of South Florida. Today, he serves as the CEO of Talk Fusion.

Products Offered by Talk Fusion

Video email: Allows businesses and marketers to embed custom-made videos into their email messages. This feature has over 1000 templates and is offered in multiple languages. It is fast and sends clear video content.

Video chat: Allows consumers to chat via PC, Mac, tablets, cell-phones and other devices. Devices that support this feature must be fitted with a camera, and support internet connection. Video chat enables real time communication. It has received widespread reception in top markets like Switzerland, Japan and Indonesia.

Video Newsletter: Marketers are able to engage target markets with important news, information, and interesting content. This is a unique, fast and smart method of communication.

Live meetings: This product allows users to host and broadcast video conferences from anywhere in the world provided they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Community Blog: This product allows Talk Fusion’s clients to create a platform for sharing and voicing their opinions on any issue. They can also share videos and personal messages.

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