What Can an Online Reputation Management Service Do For Your Business?

Fix my online reputation!

In today’s internet savvy consumer world, most businesses, even if they don’t have an e-commerce platform, still need a website to promote their business. If consumers cannot find your business on the internet, that means your online marketing dollars are not bring a return on investment. Pushing a company to the top of the Google search rankings takes a keen knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), marketing techniques and consistently positive present on social media. Also, it is important to provide relevant content and information that the consumer can use to make better purchasing decisions; and to present you and your business as an expert in your industry sector. Your Google search ranking can mean the difference between a profitable business or one with a lackluster revenue stream. High rankings on internet search engines is just one of the reasons to employ an online reputation management service.

In a recent Business2Community.com article, a business owner shared his reasons for using online reputation management services and found the results to his business was well worth the venture. This business owner noticed that his customers were watching him online through posted reviews and social media comments. Research shows that many buyers base product or service purchases on customer reviews that are posted online. With 86% of consumers being influenced by negative reviews, many businesses have lost years of effort in building their brand and suffered dramatic reduction in sales due to bad reviews. Negative online comments also makes it easy for competitors to use your negative reviews to their advantage, drawing new clients away from your business.

The Search Fixers specializes in fixing negative press from bad online reviews. This company works to fix negative search results by aggressively flooding the internet with positive and professional news about your company. This can be accomplished by employing SEO specialists who are extremely proficient in providing content that is rich in long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is best described as the words your potential customers would likely use to search for your type of product or service. Using Google Analytics, Search Fixers can follow your website from their office, tracking and analyzing the traffic to your website.

Another strategy used against negative online reviews, is to pursue the options available to generate new reviews – reviews that are positive and truly reflect your business and products. The Search Fixers will compose a marketing campaign with the goal of increasing your online visibility on both social media and search rankings. They can also provide your company with useful information as to which geographical regions are best responding to the campaign, and once users visit your site, which pages or products are drawing the most attention. All this information is a necessary strategy for any business who must compete within the framework of internet.