Why You Should Utilize Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is offering a myriad of opportunities for both inmates and those who would have physically visited their correctional facility location had this particular form of communications technology not existed. Unfortunately, there are still many correctional facilities that are operating today and have not implemented Securus Technologies into their communicative systems. It is highly recommended for correctional facilities to incorporate this form of communications into their systems, as it had an roles of solving crimes. Law enforcement officials/agencies are capable of monitoring the conversations that occur between inmates and visitors through the Securus Technologies platform and using them for investigative proceedings should it be necessary. Just like anywhere else, it is highly recommended for both visitors and inmates to ensure they’re avoiding talks of crime, as well as engaging in them over this communicative platform.


Securus Technologies offers convenience in the sense that inmates can contact visitors through a mode of video conferencing in which the visitor(s) will not be required to travel outside of their home. This can be considered as being quite a benefit for a visitor who does not want to visit the correctional facility, whether it be due to distance of inconvenient scheduling. It is highly recommended for any individual who may be considering to use this communicative platform to know exactly what it entails. It is meant to provide everyone with a benefit. Inmates and visitors are provided with an opportunity of communicating with one another through convenient means, and law enforcement officials and courts are given a tool to potentially solve crimes, thus benefiting communities. If you would like to speak to a customer service representative, please feel free to visit the website as it includes just about any detail that you could need.


The Broad Spectrum of Benefits of Video Visitation from Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is leading the way when it comes to technology that is transforming the criminal justice system. This includes technological solutions that address issues in regard to criminal investigations, offender management, and correction institution operations, including inmate communications and visitation.


Video Visitation is one of the newer and highly regarded technological solutions from Securus Technologies. Video Visitation permits incarcerated offenders and their loved ones the ability to have consistent, meaningful visitation. Video Visitation is an ideal alternative to in-person visitation for a number of reasons.


First, Video Visitation from Securus Technologies is a highly cost effective alternative to traditional in-person visitation. The cost for an individual visit using the Securus Technologies Video Visitation technology is $2.72. This compares with an average of about $100 for each individual session of traditional in-person visitation.


Second, Video Visitation enhances safety and security at correctional facilities. One of the risk points of a typical correctional institution is in-person visitation. It is during in-person visitation that dangerous contraband, like drugs and mobile devices, are smuggled into a facility. Video Visitation from Securus Technologies eliminates this contraband channel.


Third, Video Visitation enhances community safety as well. Criminologists advise that one of the best ways to lower the recidivism rate, and enhance community safety, is by encouraging inmate programming that includes visitation. The ability of an incarcerated person to maintain consistent contact with loved ones while in jail or prison is significant when it comes to successfully returning to the community after a being locked up. Maintaining consistent contact with loved ones while incarcerated lowers offender recidivism rates after release from jail or prison.


178 correctional agencies in the United States now utilize the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system. About 160,000 individual visits occur each month with the technology from Securus Technologies. This amounts to about 2 million individual visits each year.