Julia Jackson- The Jackson Family Winery

Julia Jackson was born in 1988 in San Francisco city of California. She works at the Jackson Family Winery, and she is also a co-founder of the Rex App. Julia Jackson is an alumni of Stanford Summer Institute of General Management and Scripps College where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Studio Arts. She is looking forward to completing her Masters in Sommelier Introductory Course.

Julia’s Interest in French and Wines Business

 Julia later traveled to France, in Bordeaux City to work at the family winery. Here, she developed interests in French language, tradition and its way of making, distributing as well as selling of wine. Her eloquencein French enabled her to teach French to sixth grade during her life in college.

Since childhood, Julia’s father made her devoted in picking and sorting of grapes at high temperatures, adding yeasts, sorting tables and doing any other kind of work that was to be attended to. Julia is of late more involved in the business department of marketing and communications, as she is familiarizing herself with the business’ international aspect. At the present moment, she is striving to refine as well as bring the websites up-to-date. Julia is currently working together with global sales team at Jackson Family Wines in making known her family’s wines to the generation of new drinkers all over the world.

Types of Wines Produced by Jackson Family Winery in Sonoma

Sonoma is largely known for its large agricultural production of grapes. The most varieties of grapes grown here are Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir wine produced at Cambria Estate Vineyard of Julia is the best wine according to Wine Enthusiast. Acaibo is also a type of wine produced at Sonoma estate from Trinite Estate Winery.

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Jackson’s Family Passions

More to production of fine wine, Julia and the Jackson family are also passionate in other activities that include; commitment to sustainability, breeding and training of horses, and giving back generously to the community. She believes that great things can be achieved through hard work and love.


Working To Expose Financial Predators

Blackmun was a pursuer of social righteousness. Blackmun received threats and ideological opposition due to his defense of abortion and laws that were against to sexual conduct. However, he remained steadfast despite the opposition and threats. Blackmun served as a powerful formative figure for Helane and her ideological development aiming at moral correctness.

Blackmun worked together with Helane Morrison. As a result of the interaction, Morrison solidified her decision of devoting herself private practice to fight for justice. She spent ten years to gain experience in private practice after moving on from Morrison’s practice. Morrison did not work for a long time before realizing what her major professional life. Helane found her calling in fighting against corruption.

Helane’s quest to fight corruption

Helane was in charge of hundreds of workers at Harvard law firm. She was promoted to partner status after five years of practice. Shortly after Helane began working closely with dedicated people investigating illegal trading practices.

The government also noticed Helane’s massive investment towards pursuing legal justice. Morrison got a job to work with the Securities and Exchange in the United States after working for several years as law firm partner. She was working with the office in San Francisco. The new position gave Helane the ability to protect investors and businesses against fraudulent predators. The leverage matched her passion.

Her journalism background came in handy because she was able to make use of that knowledge at the SEC office. Her jurisdiction entailed Washington, Idaho, Alaska, northern Nevada, North California, Montana and Oregon. Morrison made sure that there was transparency in all business dealings. She made that possible by asking for cooperation from media outlets and government agencies. Helane was able to provide defense for a large number of defrauded citizens as well as expose illegal destruction of audit papers for firms like Ernst and Young.

After knowing the discrepancy of male headship and female management, Helane made another decision of shifting her career focus. She decided to fight for financial sector equality. Consequently, Helane became part of Hall Capital Partners. She is the managing director of the law firm. The law firm has more than $24 billion in assets, and it manages finances of the wealthiest people in U.S.

About Helane Morrison

Helane is a board member of the Regional Parks Foundation. She is also a Hedge Fund Subcommittee member. Helane is a speaker on topics touching on compliance and legal matters affecting private funds and investment advisers. According to Helane L. Morrison – Corporate – Hall Capital Partners, Morrison earned a J.D from the University of California, school of law.