12 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Seems to Have Everything

Have a friend or family member that you love dearly, but there doesn’t seem to really be anything they want for or need? Want to buy them a gift for the holidays or a birthday, but they already seem to have everything? We’ve all faced this same situation at one time or another.

Here are twelve gift ideas for that person in your life who just seems to already have everything.

A Service

Provide a card with a “free pass” inside – or a few of them, depending on what you are willing to do – for a free service to be cashed in when they need it. These can be tailored to the receiver’s needs. Some fun examples maybe a ticket that provides babysitting services, house-cleaning, yard work, or car detailing. If you’re unwilling or unable to provide these services yourself, offer to hire someone to do it for the day instead.

Money or Gift Cards

You really can’t go wrong with straight-forward, good old fashioned money. People can always use more money, right? Gift cards fall into the same category. Treat your loved one to a dinner date or a few bucks inside the card. Honestly, most people appreciate money and gift cards more than physical objects that they may or may not even use anyway.

Charitable Donation in Their Name

Is there a charity or a cause your friend particularly supports? Over the past few years, charitable donations and activity has been steadily increasing, and there is likely something that your loved one is passionate about. Some charities will even provide a small token, such as a t-shirt, stuffed animal, or even jewelry, in exchange for donating to their cause, which can make for an exceptionally meaningful gift.

Redeemable “Coupons”

One cute idea that can be extremely meaningful for close friends, family members, and significant others may be a set of redeemable “coupons” that can be exchanged for various small things throughout the year. Simply cut up a few slips of paper and write things like “coffee date,” “shopping spree,” “movie night of your choice,” depending on what your loved one enjoys doing and how much you’re willing to spend, and then allow them to exchange those slips when they desire.

An Experience

Instead of a physical object, treat your loved one to an experience instead. Not only is this oftentimes a considerably more valuable gift, but it’s also a more sustainable one, too. Consider giving concert tickets, a surprise trip, flight tickets, booking a vacation, or taking them on a weekend road trip (though make sure they clear their schedule first!).

A Year’s Subscription

Consider some of the activities your loved one may enjoy: getting takeout? Shopping? Listening to music? Consider buying them a one-year subscription to a service such as Amazon, Spotify, or Doordash so they can enjoy your gift for an entire year.

A Class

At first glance, this one may seem counterintuitive. Why would you want to purchase more work for your loved one? However, there may be something they have always wanted to learn how to do. Paint? Cook? Learn a new language? Your partner, friend, or family member may enjoy the gift of a specialized class. Feel free to purchase it as a one-time or a recurring thing.

A Home-Made Gift

Especially if it’s to immediate family members, home-made gifts are often more sentimental and meaningful than store-bought ones. More often than not, things that were made directly by someone and given as a gift are kept and cherished for years, sometimes even being passed onto future generations. Are you a talented artist? Knitter/sewer? Baker? Consider making something from scratch, and giving that to someone you love instead.

Upscale, Thought-Out, or Home-Made Food Items

Buying cheap store-bought items that quickly grow old and boring is so yesterday. Food items are something that can be enjoyed thoroughly in the moment and don’t clutter up someone’s life, as well as being potentially sustainable and healthy. Consider making a set of upscale desserts, or treating your loved one to fine wines and cheeses over the holiday season. Or, if they have a favorite recipe, make it as their birthday dinner and invite them over just to spend time with you.

Stocks, Bonds, and Other Financial Investments

This one is particularly useful if the loved one you are buying for is a baby or young child. They really don’t know the difference between one thing or the other, and they likely already have plenty of toys. Even purchasing a Certificate of Deposit of $50 for an infant can quickly multiply by the time they’re 18, at which time they will likely be beyond thankful.

However, even adults would likely be appreciative of financial investments that require little sacrifice for you but could lead to a huge gain for them over time.

Unique Amazon Item

There’s no shortage of crazy items on Amazon that are genius “life-hacks” designed to make one’s life easier. If you want to make your loved one say “wow” over the holidays, this may be the way to go. It may take some time digging through Amazon to find the “perfect” gift, but this is likely to be worth it. You can also find examples of these items by performing a quick Google search for “unique useful Amazon items.”

Your Time and Listening Ear

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone – and the one that is most appreciated – is to simply spend time with them. As average mental health rates decrease and loneliness increases, you can often improve someone’s life just by making time for them. Invite your loved one over for dinner or coffee, or host a movie or game night. All you may have to do is simply talk, listen, and make time for them.